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"Dahari" (print)
Client: Covidien


“My big brother said if I am strong enough to beat cancer, I am strong enough to surf.

I rode my first wave today.”

Dahari Daud, Age 7

Kijal, Malaysia

Since he was old enough to talk, Dahari
begged his brothers to teach him how to surf. They told him that one day, when he was tough enough to survive in the rough waters of the Indian Ocean, they would teach him.

After doctors spotted a cancerous tumor
in Dahari’s brain, his oldest brother Omar
promised him they would go surfing together as soon as he recovered.

Because they used OptiMARK magnetic resonance imaging agent to find the tumor early, doctors were able to remove it in time to save his life.

On this day, Dahari finally got his wish. And his brothers haven’t questioned his toughness since.